How to Become a Singapore Permanent Resident

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Singapore is one of the most well-known countries in South East Asia. It is a city state and and island country as well. The country is urban and attractive to people from all over the world. Thus, many seek permanent residence in Singapore. There are a number of ways through which you can become a permanent resident in Singapore. These methods are organized into Permanent Residence schemes. There are many PR schemes that are available to people and families seeking to settle Singapore permanently. Each scheme has special qualities that can suit unique and special needs. The Singapore PR schemes are described below.

PR scheme for an individual who is working in Singapore Residence in Singapore

This scheme is specially designed for professionals who are working in Singapore that want to take up permanent residence. This scheme is known as the Professionals/ Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Permanent Residence scheme. Also known simply as the PTS scheme, it is an easy way for a working professional to get permanent residence Singapore. The requirements are;

  • You must be a working professional in Singapore. This means that you must have relocated to Singapore and be in possession of a work visa and an Employment Pass.
  • You must also have evidence of half a year’s worth of salary pay slips from Singapore.
  • After acquiring these documents, you can then proceed to apply for permanent residence.

PR scheme for investors

If you are an investor, you can apply for permanent residence in Singapore in this scheme. This scheme is officially known as the Global Investor Programme. Known in short form as the GIP scheme, you and your immediate family can apply through this scheme and become permanent residents of Singapore. In this scheme, you can choose from two options;

  • You can choose to invest S$2.5 million in either a new business or an extension of an existing business.
  • You can also choose to invest the same amount in any fund that is approved in the GIP scheme.

In addition to these investments, you should also have a good business record, a business proposal and a solid background in entrepreneurship.

PR scheme for artists

The arts environment in Singapore has grown significantly in the last few decades. As such, the country is the regional hub for the arts. Thus, if you are very talented in dancing, making music, acting or films, you can apply for PR in Singapore through the Foreign Artistic Talent scheme. To qualify, you must be a famous artist in your home country and with an international fan-base. You must also be very well trained in your area of expertise. You must also make a significant contribution to the arts in Singapore.

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