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Singapore is a wonderful country which offers working opportunities for migrants. The country is dedicated to offer the foreign nationals who migrate to Singapore with the best and a kind working environment. The government body that is responsible for processing the work permits which are known as passes is called the Ministry of Manpower Singapore. Everyone migrating to Singapore can apply for the Singapore Employment pass also called EP. The Work permit is processed and approved in a matter of one day if the applicant has the required skills and the documents that are required by the immigration criteria.

What is Singapore Employment Pass

The Singapore Employment Pass also called EP is a visa which is issued to foreign shareholders, entrepreneurs, managing directors or owners of a company to allow them to work and manage their businesses in Singapore. The EP can also be used as a work visa which is issued to managers and supervisors, key employees, workers and professionals with high skills and educational qualifications.

The Singapore Employment Pass is valid for between one to two years after which the owner can renew it after its expiry date. There is usually no limit to the number of E-passes that can be applied in a certain company.

A sample Singapore employment pass

A sample look of Singapore employment pass

The documents that are required for one to apply for Singapore Employment Pass include the following;

  • Employment Pass Application Form 8 which should be endorsed by the employing company in Singapore.
  • A copy of the applicant’s work experience resume.
  • Copies of all applicant’s employment testimonies and educational certificates
    A passport photograph which does not exceed three months from the time it was taken.
  • A copy of the applicant’s travel document with at least two blank pages of the applicant’s passport.
  • Copy of a business profile for the company situated in Singapore.
  • A copy of medical Documents with blood test and chest X-Ray reports.

All these documents should be written in English and if not, they should be officially translated.

For the applicant to apply for the Singapore Employment Pass, he/she should be earning a minimum of S$3,300 per month. Apart from the threshold salary, the applicant should have work experience and high educational qualifications.

The E-Pass will enable the owner to work and also live in Singapore. The E-Pass holder is also allowed to travel anywhere in Singapore and also travel out of the country without necessary applying for entry visas of Singapore. The Singapore Employment Pass also gives the holder an opportunity of a permanent residence in Singapore in a due course. The good news is that you can also apply for Singapore Employment Pass online and get that chance to work and live in Singapore.

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